The ASF.Converters package defines an interface used by the conversion model to translate an object into a string when formatting the response and translate a string into an object during the apply request or validation phases (JSF postback).

The Converter interface defines two functions for the convertion of a object to a string and (To_String) and convert back a string to an object (To_Object). See JSR 314 - JavaServer Faces Specification 3.3.2 Converter (To_String is the JSF getAsString method and To_Object is the JSF getAsObject method)

Date converter

The ASF.Converters.Dates defines the date converter to format a date object into a localized representation. It is automatically created when the f:convertDateTime tag is used in the facelet file, for example as follows:

 <h:outputText value='#{}'>
    <f:convertDateTime dateStyle="short"/>

Number converter

The ASF.Converters.Numbers provides a floating point number converter. It can be used to print floating point numbers in various formats.

Size converter

The ASF.Converters.Sizes defines a converter to display a file size in bytes, kilo bytes, mega bytes or giga bytes.